Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Glowing House

Last night a girlfriend of mine and my teenage daughter spent the night in Santa Fe. I showed them the sites where many of my ghost stories originated with my high school friends in the late 1980s. We referred to a home off of Cerro Gordo as The Glowing House because from the road there was one room illuminated and visible at the lower level of a large, old house. To my surprise it was still the only light on. When I found the narrow road that we once took to the house it had been blocked.

We then passed in front of the school next to Cristo Rey church to look for the ghost of a little girl (Susie, was what we called her). The old swing set where she would play was still there and although I didn't see her image, as I had many years ago, the swing furthest from the road was swaying. Normally that wouldn't be eerie to see movement on a thunderous evening, but there was no wind and the other swings were still.

The experience brought back comforting memories, oddly. I'm curious to know if there are other Santa Fe natives willing to share their stories or add to The Glowing House. I have noticed that published books about legends and ghost stories in New Mexico, although fascinating, are generally pre-21st Century and early 20th. A collection of testimonials from a later generation is needed to pass on to our descendants.